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This site contains information on about 1,000 individuals, which will hopefully be of interest to members of the wider Cook-Abbott family, family history researchers, and general "passers-by" who may have come across this site by accident!

My intention is to update this information on a regular basis as and when I complete further research or new data comes to light, so if you like what you see, why not bookmark this page and revisit from time to time.

The Word Cloud adjacent contains the top 100 or so of the surnames which appear in this site - the more surnames the bigger the text, so if you see your surname, why settle yourself down with a drink and use the Name Index to see if any of your ancestors are lurking in these pages!


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Where it all started........

The Cook-Abbott name originated with the marriage of a THOMAS ABBOTT and SARAH COOK GLANFIELD in St Clement Church, Ipswich, Suffolk on Sunday 24th April 1831 - a full 6 years before Queen Victoria came to the throne.

See their parish marriage register below.
If you click on it, you will go to Thomas Abbot's information page with links to Sarah and their children

I'm afraid not much is known about Thomas or his ancestry at the moment (this is still a "work in progress"), but we do know a bit more about Sarah and can trace the origin of the "Cook" part of the name back a further two generations to about 1739. Take a look at the Timeline page and see what historic events have taken place over the last 280 years!

Marriage Register

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How to use this site....

It is quite simple really.
Just go to the Name Index, click on a name you recognise (or just pick one at random) and take a look at the RiD page for that individual. From there you will see whatever information is available about that individual and the family links to parents, spouse and children (if any) will open up new pages. The other links at the top of each page are self explanatory.
P.S Be aware that there are lots of people with the same names so keep an eye on the RiD numbers and dates of birth if you want to return to a specific individual!

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A note on tree diagrams.......

There are none!
Seriously, a "whole family" tree would be impractical and I haven't yet worked out how to add a full tree for each family group (where does a family start and finish?). I am experimenting with small sections of tree being added to individual record pages, but this is still a work in progress.

......and a note on Images

The images found on many of the RiD pages can be enlarged by clicking on them. Document images which are not easily readable, have a "built-in" magnifier. If you do have any queries or concerns about any image please let me know and I will try to help. Equally, if you have any images you would like to share on this site I would be delighted to hear from you. Finally, please note that all of the photographs are subject to the copytight terms of this site, so please do not copy and distribute them without asking for permission first (See T's & C's).