Privicy Policy

Only persons who are deceased, or are assumed to be deceased by reason of age, will appear in the individual record index pages (RiD's). No restriction will be placed on the information published about such individuals if such information is publicly available elsewhere. Any other information may be added or witheld at my discretion.
This site will not contain any information about an individual who is living, or has died leaving living parents, without the specific consent of the next of kin. For the purpose of this policy, in the absence of any other information, an individual will be treated as deceased 100 years after their actual or estimated birth date.

Copyright and Use of Data

Unless stated otherwise within the site, all of the genealogical data contained herein has been sourced from informaton which is in the public domain and readily available to the general public, so as far as I am aware therefore, this data is not copyright and can be freely copied by you for personal and non-commercial use. However, a lot of work over many years, and some financial investment, has gone into collating this information, so if you do wish to publish any of this data, please have the courtesy to let me know and provide an acknowledgement of this site.

This site also contains personal photographs and images of non-statutory documents and text provided by me or others. These images are watermarked and contain copyright meta-data and use of these images is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN without the specfic consent of the owner of the image concerned. This consent can be sought by contacting me via the Email link in the footer of each page giving full details of the proposed use of the data. I will consider your request (and seek approval from any third party as necessary) and will respond to you as soon as reasonably possible. However, please note that my decision, or that of the copyright holder, on any request, is final and bindng.
The site also contains copies of statutory documents (such as census returns), which are generally available to download via many "pay to view" sites. These documents remain © Crown Copyright Images and are reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives, London, England. Use of these documents is licensed under the Open Government Licence.

Rather than "harvesting" data from this site, why not link this site (or specific pages) to your tree? That way you will have immediate access to any updates as they happen.

Accuracy of Data

It should be noted that whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this web site, it is almost inevitable that some errors or ommissions may occur and users should therefore not rely on the data herein without first checking the original source documents.
I cannot accept responsibility for any loss or inconveniance (financial or otherwise) arising from incorrect information.

Cookies and Trackers

The coding of this site does not contain any cookies. However, please be aware that the Timeline scroll bar has been developed using an external third party template which I am advised may place cookies on your computer to enable correct operation and the Blog pages, which have also been developed using a third party template may also place cookies on your computer if you choose to comment on any blog entry.


My thanks go to

FAMILY HISTORIAN whose genealogy software has been used to create the core of this site and transfer data in a useable format. Thanks also to the Family Historian User Group (FHUG) for advice on adapting aspects of their web site coding.
DOTCLEAR for aspects of the design of the site and the Blog page facility.
KNIGHT LAB for the Timeline facility.
WORDITOUT for the creation of the home page word cloud.

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