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Edward George AYLETT (1890- )

RiD No.: 805

Personal Details

Birth 25 January 1890 Stratford, Essex (?)

Marriage and Family Details

Spouse Louisa Annie EARL (1892- )
Children Louisa A AYLETT (1912-2008)
William G AYLETT (1915- )
Mona Irene AYLETT (1917-2021)
Edward G AYLETT (1928-1928)
Marriage 1911 (age 20-21)

Note on Marriage to Louisa Annie EARL

There is something slightly strange about the children of this couple.


In 1923, Louisa gave birth to a baby boy who thay named Edward A Aylett. This Edward went to to marry and have children.


In 1928, Louisa gave birth to another baby boy, who they named Edward G Aylett. This Edward died shortly after birth.


Whilst there are many examples in this tree of couples who have had a child, who dies at a young age and they then "re-use" the name for a subsiquent child, this is the first time I have seen a couple re-use a name of a child that is still living, and begs the question why? It may be that the second Edwards was not an Edward at all, but had a similar sounding name which was mis-transcribed on the registration documents (both birth and death - is this likely?) Edward G would have been 5 years old at the time of his brother's birth / death so it is unlikely that there would have been an estrangement between parents and child which would cause them to disown the elder son in favour of a new child? It is possible that Edward G was unofficially adopted so was no longer a member of that family at the time of Edward A's birth?


Further investigation is needed to resolve this riddle.