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Fredrick William DEBNAM (1917-1998)

RiD No.: 32
Alt. Name: Frederick W DEBNAM

Personal Details

Birth 2 March 1917 Ipswich, Suffolk
Frederick's birth registration was in Ipswich in March quarter 1917.
His mother's maiden name is given as HALL
Death 20 February 1998 (age 80) Ipswich, Suffolk

Marriage and Family Details

Spouse Winifred FLANAGAN (1917- )
Marriage Q4 1944 (age 27) Blackpool
Frederick and Winifred's marriage was registered in December quarter 1944 in Blackpool.

Other Details

Frederick served in the Royal Artillery (Territorials?). He was discharged on the 31st March1935 under para 199(15) of the Territorial Army Regulations. He subsiquently jouned the Royal Navy (service number 839821) and went on to serve on HMS Ivanhoe and HMS Suffolk (which was involved in the sinking of the Bismark).