William HENDERSON ( - )

RiD No.: 1556

Personal Details

Marriage and Family Details

Spouse Keziah Jane CAPELL (1861-1948)
Children Orson Edward H HENDERSON (1883- )
Rose Emma Jane HENDERSON (1885- )
Clara May HENDERSON (1888- )
Thomas Joseph HENDERSON (1893- )
Ross HENDERSON (1896-1972)
Status Divorced
Marriage 27 July 1882
I believe that Keziah entered into a plural (otherwise known as polygemous) marriage with William in 1882. See the note attached to their daughter Rose Emma Jane, According to Wikipedia, the LDS Church publicly renounced the practice of polygamy in 1890, but Keziah and William married before this date.

The marriage was "Cancelled" on the 20th December 1899.
According to Wikipedia, although a divorce dissolves a civilly-recognized marriage, the LDS church still recognizes a sealing as binding. A couple who has been sealed may request to have their sealing "canceled", but this is uncommon, occurs only under special circumstances and is only granted by the President of the Church, as happened on this occasion. Note that Keziah married Alfred Wilkinson 26 days after this cancellation.