The tree below shows all descendants of Thomas and Sarah, including spouses. It has been laid out with Thomas and Sarah at the top and the younger generations below, 8 generations in total at the moment. Due to the increasing number of individuals in each sub-generation, the tree is much wider than it is high, so if you want to start your exploration with Thomas and Sarah, either leave the side scroll bar at the top of the frame and move the bottom scroll bar across until you reach Thomas and Sarah at the top of the tree, or move the side scroll bar to the bottom and scroll across until you reach the red arrow. .
Otherwise you can just scroll around as the mood takes.
If you would like to see more informaton about any particular individual, go to the Name Index page and click on the person concerned. (but remember to make a note of the Record Index Number (RiD) from the tree as there may be others with the same name)
Good hunting!