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SMARTY This is a link to SMARTY, a UK based phone/data sim provider, operating on the "Three" network. It offers unlimited phone calls/texts with data packs from 1GB to 50GB on a pay monthly in advance/ no contract basis ( some with a "money back" offer on unused data!). If you sign up through this link. you will get your first month free (and I will get a free month too!). Click here for more information (no obligation).

In a similar vein, the following are links to UK energy companies which are currently being used by members of my family. Both are currently (2020) offering good rates for Electicity and Gas Tariffs, although I would always recommend looking on a comparison site(s)to make sure you are getting the best deal. However if you find either of these are of interest, by using these links to transfer your energy account(s) you will receive a cash bonus as follows:-
Tonik (for a £25 cash bonus for each of gas and electricity)
Bulb (for a £50 cash bonus for gas and electricity combined (£25 per utility}

If you live in the Essex/Suffolk area and want a great musical duo for your pub, club or event, look no further than Fates Right Hand

This site has been created with the help of Family Historian Genealogy Software. I have used Family Historian on my PC as my main Family Tree database for many years. It is easy to navigate, update and link documents and photo's. It can generate various reports and diagrams and can also generate a generic web site or CD.

This site is hosted by Tsohost. This site was hosted for several years by Vidahost, but in April 2018, they transferred operations to Tsohost. The transfer caused no distruption to service and the support team are as helpful as ever. Therefore, if you are thinking of setting up your own website, I can certainly recommend you take a look, as they offer value for money and great support.

This Ipswich War Memorial Link will take you to the entry for William Frederick Cook-Abbott (RiD785) who died in the Great War in the service of his country.

In December 2017, Clark Michael Cook-Abbott died aged 4 days from complications brought on by Polycystic Kidney Desease, otherwise known as PKD. Polycystic Kidney Disease is a range of genetic disorders that cause renal (kidney) failure and damage to other organs. It is estimated that about 70,000 adults and children in the UK may have PKD and sadly, about one baby in three with the Autosomal Recessive version (ARPKD) dies from breathing problems during the first four weeks after birth and some will die during pregnancy.
The PKD charity exists to raise awareness of this terrible disease and raise money for research. They also provide an amazing support service for those affected by the disease and their families.
If you would like to know more about PKD, please follow this link to the PKD Charity site PKD Charity, and if you would like to make a small donation in memory of Clark, please follow their links to the donation page. Thank you.

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