Hello and welcome to the Cook-Abbott Genealogy Web Site.

I have developed this website with three aims in mind.

  1. That this site should become an online repository for all Cook-Abbott genealogical informaton, starting with the data which I have been gathering on and off for the last 13 years.

  2. That it will provide present and future generations of the Cook-Abbott family with an opportunity to contribute to the project and for the site to grow into an informative and interesting link to our past.

  3. That over time the site will become a gathering point for all interested members of the Cook-Abbott family to share news and views, initially genealogy related, but in the fullness of time about anything which interests them

For those that don't know, the Cook-Abbott name originated with the marriage of a THOMAS ABBOTT and SARAH COOK GLANFIELD in St Clement Church, Ipswich, Suffolk on the 24th April 1831 - a full 6 years before Queen Victoria came to the throne. This means that the Cook-Abbott name is now 187 years old !

Not much is known about Thomas or his ancestry at the moment (this is still a "work in progress"), but we do know a bit more about Sarah and can trace the origin of the "Cook" part of the name back a further two generations. See the Record pages for Thomas and Sarah for more information.

In researching the line back to Thomas, I came across many other Cook-Abbotts (both ancient and modern) and so the next priority is to connect them all into the main tree and link families together. This is also still a work in progress. Perhaps you can help? Check out the Orphans page.

Of course most of the females of the Cook-Abbott bloodlne married into different family names and it is my hope to trace all descendants of these marriages. However very little work has been done to trace the ancestry of their male spouses, but if anyone researching another name thinks that a particular marriage is the link between two trees, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Can you help? I hope so. Please see below if you are, or think you are, part of this Cook-Abbott family. Otherwise enjoy surfing the site.